Here are Puravida Baltimore we wanted to give patients a choice in natural healing. So we studied and tried many products ourselves before putting them on our shelves. We fell totally in love with medicinal mushrooms! People ask every time, without fail, if these will make them hallucinate and giggle and sorry the answer is no. They are not magic mushrooms rather mushrooms found in the world that have numerous medicinal benefits. These mushrooms work so well we wonder why all the world doesn’t take them.

Host Defense is the maker of our wonderful little display of mushrooms. We love love love this company. Not only do they make amazing products but they are great educators on the world of mushrooms and are avid supporters of saving the bees. They mean business here and so do we.

The Host defense line entails individual mushroom supplements like Lion’s Mane for memory and nerve support, Turkey Tail for immune support, Cordyceps for energy, and many more. We also have their combination formulas which serves to provide a wider range of benefits (a case where more actually is better) like Stamets 7 and MyCommunity. Many of their products are also combined with healing herbs for added benefit. We have capsule, extract and spray forms. Oh and we have tea! Yes to the best teas ever. Turmeric, Hibiscus and Mint teas loaded with herbs and mushrooms. They taste great and make us feel so good. Pair that with our CBD honey sticks and you have the complete wellness drink. Oh Oh and did we mention we love these products!

Right from the mushrooms mouth:

“Live Healthy & Feel Amazing

For centuries, mushrooms have been trusted functional foods for supporting health. Host Defense preserves this wisdom of nature and expands its impact through cutting-edge modern research. To support your healthy lifestyle, trust Host Defense to bring only the best…From the Forest, to Our Farm, to You!™”



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