Our wellness product guide would be incomplete and a complete fail if we did not mention our essential oils. This whole holistic journey really started with essential oils. They have been around for thousands of years. It is amazing to think just a few drops of an oil from a plant or tree can work, but trust us, they really do. The medicinal benefits of essential oils are well documented. Not only are they great natural healing tools, they are wonderful as cleaning products too! We are always diffusing essential oils in the shop and in the dispensary. Have you ever walked into a home or shop and the smell of lemon or lavender hits you and you immediately react to it? That’s the power of essential oils and aromatherapy.

We have combination oils for energy, happiness, balance, colds. We have individual oils and carrier oils  so you blend them however you want. We even have diffusers to make your bedroom or office a sanctuary.

And to bring it all home, we have essential oil rollers infused with CBD. We know right?



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