When we were talking about how the dispensary was going to look we had this whole other space we were trying to decide what to do with. We thought, let’s turn it into a holistic shop with plant products that are amazing and people do not need a medical card to come into. So Puravida Baltimore was born.

Our very first product line was Plus CBD Oil. We researched CBD lines and products and phew there are a lot out there. We met the folks at CV Sciences (the parent company) at trade shows and tried their products. We loved them. We also loved that they are involved in the entire chain of production all the way to sales. They have their own testing lab where they extensively test their products. And if that weren’t enough they then send their product off to a third party testing lab just for extra thoroughness. You can request their certificates of analysis for every one of their products. If a company will not provide you with these COAs, you do not want their product. Likely, it means it hasn’t been tested and therefore you don’t really know what you are getting. And there is a lot of junky products out there.

It is probably our best selling line of CBD right now too. They use CO2 extraction which is our clinical director’s favorite method of extraction. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

They keep their product line simple too which we really like, they do not try to produce a product for everything thereby diminishing the quality of the products they do make. Sometimes less is definitely more.

Come check out their CBD oil and sprays, concentrated gel, softgels and topical balms right here at Puravida Baltimore.

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