Even though we love our CBD here at Puravida Baltimore and it is a large focus of what sell, it is not the only thing. We love herbal supplements too. We especially love adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenics have been around for thousands of years. They are often used in ancient chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices. They are plant and roots from specific herbs that help the body and mind adapt to and alleviate stress. Whether it is environmental stressors or physical/mental stressors, these amazing plants allow your body to “reset” and cope with these stressors.

We carry a wide range of adaptogenic herbs in our shop. Rhodiola and Ashwaganda are our best sellers along with Siberian ginseng, Austragalus, Holy Basil and more. These little gems not only help alleviate stress, they are great for immune function and anxiety. Depending on the herb they can be uplifting and give you some energy and mental clarity like Rhodiola. Or they can be soothing and calming and great for nighttime like Ashwganda.

Check with our clinical director for any potential drug interactions.



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