Forget the awesome name of this company, I mean who doesn’t have a little bit of flower child in them, they have wonderful products.

Best said by Flower Child CBD themselves:

“Our Mission here at FlowerChild is to educate people on the profound benefits of CBD and CBG Hemp Oil Extract and to get people to use these products to enhance their lives and feel better. The opiate drug problem we face in America and worldwide is out of control and people are dying daily from these so called “prescription drugs.” I have seen people horribly addicted to these opiates use CBD hemp oil extract to help with anxiety and depression while getting clean.”

This mission is near and dear to us here at Puravida Baltimore. We also love that their hemp is grown organically and sustainably, outdoors, in Oregon. Also super important to us. They are a tiny company with big dreams and goal, just like us! We love to support the small folks doing big jobs. The fact that they have fabulous products is a huge bonus.

Flower Child CBD uses not only CBD but also CBG (another beneficial compound found in hemp) to make some pretty unique products focusing on helping folks with different ailments. They have tinctures of each, they have tinctures with herbs blended in, they have RSO, a super concentrated oil. They even have some cool pet products. Pets also benefit from using CBD!

These folks also test their products via a third party testing company and COAs are available upon request. This is something very important to us here at Puravida Baltimore.

Come to Puravida Baltimore and check out all the cool products Flower Child has to offer. Let your inner hippie out.


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